The three overlapping fields of human uncertainty

The human stands at the overlapping centre of three circles of confusion.

These are time, perception and mind.

1.      Humans can not successfully render time in the substrate of their imaginative consciousness.

2.      Their consciousness is contingent and non-neutral; and is folded into time fundamentally, since it has been produced through a chronal action. Mind is therefore inherently unknowable by itself, because of the paradox of a subjective computational process attempting to conceive of a subjective computational process; this process forever sputtering in its inefficacy towards mania.

3.      Perception is similarly contingently constructed, because evolution has created it for certain discrete purposes connected to the forward projection through time of the species.

As explained previously, these inefficiencies therefore do not allow the human to successfully locate itself in space or time appropriately, and mean that efforts to successfully improve its position will fail or be suboptimal.

This is the a priori realisation necessary for a systematic consideration of politics.

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