Complementarity, consciousness and the political field

What are the tensors of the political field? What are the vectors and scalars?

  1. The political field is always present, since and beyond the Neolithic contingency.
  2. The political field exists in four dimensions, and expands as a correlate to the territorial and temporal expansion of human consciousness.
  3. The political field ultimately governs the interaction between the human individual and the world.
  4. The political field transcends and includes other fields of interaction.
  5. To a varying extent, the political field scaffolds human interaction and achievement, but its influence in the moment at small scale can seem negligible.
  6. Dereification of superfluous political objects can increase the clarity with which the political field is conceived, leading to greater efficacy of outcomes.
  7. The political field is associated with the falsidical human perception of reality; it is a manifestation of our attempt to reconcile reality with our perception.
  8. Representation in the political field exists at a range of scales. Ideas, events, controversies, individuals, ideologies and processes are misrepresented in cyclical or iterative generation.
  9. Dichotomies, subjected to recession and perspectics, resolve.
  10. Tensors might be national boundaries, class identities, in the fourth dimension elections, assassinations, wars, policy proposals, announcements and legislation, elsewhere gender identities or similar, location.
  11. Scalars might be weight of feeling, degree of popularity, spend of policy proposal, breadth of coverage.
  12. Vectors might be positive or negative trend of popularity, growth in impact of proposal, range of influence.
  13. Political objects may prove efficacious, useless, important, facile, ethical, unethical or similar dependent on the perspective of the observer, impacted group in question, ‘distance’ of the observation in time, space and emotion. Polar, valid assessments of the same object are not only possible but necessary.
  14. Reflection on the permanence and relativity of the political field can lead to superior outcomes for the species.
  15. Improved capacity to manage an individual human’s consciousness can include clearer interaction within the political field as dereification begins; greater contentment within the political field can improve management of an individual human’s consciousness.

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