The Human Path: 8 – Minimal necessary coherence and symbols

The possibility remains that Human achievement necessitates belief. A convincing historical heuristic presents itself in evaluating the Humans’ past via their perennial search for meaning; emerging from the shell like the infant dinosaur, they blindly claw at the void in hope of spiritual satiety; whence war, faith, science, art. Whether the Human’s objects of belief are ancient, mythical, modern or rational, it is certain that attempts to predetermine the same will falter. Artificial constraints on belief or centralised promotion of belief systems normally fail; those that succeed rely on the rare utility and adaptability of their tenets and the assent of their devotees. A framework for the Humans’ future must allow belief within its dynamics, therefore, without being tempted by prescription. To do so, it is necessary to consider the minimal necessary coherence the Humans require for productive permanence. Further, careful thought must be given to the relative prevalence of belief symbols and political objects in the Humans’ world. Again, rather than the licensing of symbols or belief by some central authority, it is the rational evaluation of the functional utility of belief which is important: such an evaluation might then reveal the gaping deficiency in provision of these necessities to groups, and indeed their concentrated superabundance elsewhere.

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