The Human Path: 10 – Politics at Vanishing Point

Perspectics, delineation and contexts

A catalyst for freedom of thought is recession; as we recede from political polarities, their contingency emerges; disagreement is clarified. Two rotating and coherent political objects remain. Recede further and the perimeter of contention is perfectly illuminated. With further distance still, the two independent points, viewed on a complex field of alternative contentions, seem close. Relative to the surrounding mass of unconnected political objects, the pair of entangled views have chiefly their similarities in common, for example the topic of their disagreement. At infinite political distance, their real nature is apparent and a coextensive single entity discovered. This is the opposite of a dialectical analysis; there is no hypothesis or antithesis spawning a synthesis. Instead, unity is arrived at with an analytical distance. The political object is real within a local context when analysed within a proximate space and time. When measured with sufficient allowance for the contingencies of time and space, its meaning dissolves, and is solidified only upon comparison with its partners. The use of political perspectics rarefies consideration of ‘issues’, encourages rational discourse, and galvanises contemporary discourse against future corrosive evaluation by the detached analysts of the Human Future. As we recede from an issue, unfettered critique geminates.

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