The Human Path: 3 – The Humanity Wave

What is the speed of the expansion of Human consciousness? Appropriate milestone correlates are the development of language, art, technological achievements, political achievements, space exploration. If we consider humanity as the sum expression of Human achievement, and human achievement as the output of the human minds, with human minds a fundamentally solar construct, shaped by evolution, driven by the power of the sun within the human planet, then a radial model of human expansion emerges.

Sun -> Human mind -> space

Humanity can the become a local expression of solar consciousness, which currently is trapped on the Human planet, awaiting take-off. In other words, a local fragment of the universe has awaken and began to contemplate itself. Humanity will escape from its self-imposed tutelage, and conciousness will expand into the wider universe. This mind-wave will race outward. Two relative measures of the pace of the expansion are possible – one slow, one quick. By the first measure, Humanity has wallowed for centuries and countless iterations of its own neurology prior to its departure; at a universal level its expansion and growth is rapid, exponential and shocking. The wave carries forth the useful accoutrements of productive permanence. Its carrier – the Human individual – is borne with dignity, abundance, rationality and peace. Because its mission is intentional and urgent, petty disagreements are rare. Inefficacity is confronted; solutions are considerate. Leadership is dutiful and meaning valued.

Human achievement is sustained and projected forwards without limit, so that the Humanity wave echoes positively throughout the cosmos, a monument in stone to itself and to its mended home. If the Humanity wave encounters similar projects, it will bargain, negotiate and recognise in them their common consciousness, driven by the universe, which inspire their missions. Like interacting ripples on a pond, they will merge and self-replicate, as the universe fully begins to know itself: a network of consciousnesses emerges. If the journey instead is a lonely one, through a dark forest of silent civilisations or otherwise a bottomless, empty ocean of meaning, then humanity will journey on with contemplative wonder and surety, that its mission is a noble one: a wave of meaning echoing outwards forever, bearing each constituent particle of thought, the Human individual, ever further.

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